Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Wednesday began badly. I looked out the window and there was a huge red crane parked on our parking pad, across our driveway, and across our uphill neighbor's driveway. Also there was a dump truck on the parking pad. A neighbor two doors up was having a humongous pine tree taken out. This tree was dangerous and needed to be cut down. But the tree company was completely ignoring the neighbors. Blocking driveways, parking on private property, blocking cars in, the list goes on and on.

Marty was ready to go to work, but couldn't get out of the driveway. We went out to ask them to move the crane and dump truck. Marty in his dress slacks, starched shirt and tie. Me in my knee length tee shirt, a Northface jacket, and bed head. The drivers blew us off. They would be moving it later. We explained, going to work, on our property, not on the city street, move it now. The driver made some snotty remarks and moved the crane to the middle of the street. Marty drove off, and the driver put the crane right back across our driveway. I went storming back out.

I told them to get it off our property. It was too heavy and would crush the parking pad. They wouldn't even answer me. So I asked for business cards, because I needed their names for my law suit. The crane driver told me he could park anywhere he wanted. It was a city street. I again told him, we paid to pave that area, the city didn't pave it. Again I told him I needed to get my car out. And that if the pad was crushed I would sue them all. He stormed off and parked across the street, on the street, blocking two other driveways.

They left the dump truck. And then put traffic cones across my drive, blocked off the parking pad, and across my neighbors driveway. When I left I almost squeezed through the cones. I clipped a couple of them, oops.

To get the full page picture, click on the below pictures and then click on the somewhat bigger picture that will come up.

When they parked the truck, they ripped off some limbs of our tree. Notice the license plate.
I have one photo with the license plate and our house number in the same shot. Just in case I have to prove anything in court.
In this shot you can see the tree limbs are much lower than the truck. Also you can see the name of the company on the truck door. I have shots of their logo and website on the side of the truck.

The red crane is the one that blocked out drive. It was parked from the white truck, across the drive, and then across our drive and up to the dump truck. It is one huge long crane.
Another shot of the red crane. And the lovely California poppies on the side of our drive way.

When I came home I had trouble backing into our drive. They had added more traffic cones. But I did it. Again an oops. The parking pad looks like it is OK. But it could just go during the night.
I don't really enjoy yelling at idiots in the middle of the street. But I made them move the crane. Sometimes being bitchy works really well.

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