Saturday, May 22, 2010


Friday night Marty and I tested another recipe. It was a low fat Beef Stroganoff. With that we had appetizers, and with the entree noodles, chipotle shrimp salad, stuffed tomatoes, and for dessert, creme brulee in an orange. We liked the stroganoff, but felt it should be creamier. It tasted good, just didn't look like the traditional stroganoff.

Below our pictures of the evening. I took 67 pictures, I have cut that down to 15+ pictures. Remember to click on the picture to see a larger view.
Appetizer of pimento cheese, cream cheese with homemade jalapeno jelly and matzo bread.
Marty trimming the flank steak.
I gilled the portabellas.
II chopped the onions After I did this and the mushrooms I thought no one is taking pictures of me. When Marty preps I take lots of pictures. On well. I really did the prep.
Marty slicing the mushrooms

The flank steak all sliced and ready to be browned.
Mr. I Never Turn Off My Phone browning the meat.
I can never do this. Chef Marty flipping the meat as it browns.
Even Chef Marty must check the recipe.
Here he is starting the brulee.
Filling the oranges that have been cleaned out and marinated in Grand Marnier overnight.
They are cooked in a water bath.
While the creme brulee cooks, the sauce for the beef stroganoff cooks. Notice the aluminum foil to keep the stove top clean. It didn't work.
Ready to eat.
A different view.
Using the blow torch on the creme brulee.  ( Notice foil gone.  Still a dirty stove.)
Creme brulee in an orange.


Janet Rudolph said...

Love the creme brule in the orange. the rest looks good, too!

Anonymous said...

Three place settings? Looked lovely!!!