Sunday, May 9, 2010


Today our son Erik spent the day with us. Marty and I had already planned to see Iron Man 2 at IMAX. So Erik joined us. We rode BART into San Francisco. We grabbed a bite to eat and then sat and talked. Then we wandered outside the Metreon in the gardens before going into the movie.

Iron Man 2 is nearly as much fun as the first one. Lots of things get blown up, lots and lots of things; there is romance; it gets tense; and it is funny. A great way to spend an afternoon.

I had a lovely day with my son and husband. Thank you Marty and Erik!
It was like dueling iPhones with the three of us, all day. I think some of these people had been there for hours waiting to get in the movie. They had lunch, drinks, and were settled in. We were in the second line and got there 30 minutes before the start.
Again with the iPhone as we wait for BART. Bart was off schedule (power failure) so we had to entertain ourselves some way.

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