Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today Marty didn't work with hot glass. So since it is National Hamburger Week, we went out for hamburgers.(This has been a great week for hamburgers. We fixed them once and went out for them twice.) Then it was what do you want to do? Well, what do you want to do? We drove around waiting for inspiration. And it hit us, the Oakland Museum has just reopened after 2 years of renovation. Great idea.

Marty googled it for hours and admission fees. The site said seniors $5.00. We parked on the street, because their parking garage rapes the public. It is way higher than other garages in the area. Anyway, we paid for 2 hours on the meter. We went in and the sign at the desk said seniors $9.00. WHAT? It has nearly doubled in the last 5 minutes?

Marty told the (trying to think of a nice word here, not happening) bitch at the counter the web site says $5.00. And she said real snippy, "No, it doesn't!" And then she laughed at us. Marty started to hand her a $20 to pay the $18 and I said, "No, she just called us liars. I don't want to go in." We left.

If she had said anything about the web site hadn't been updated or that there are old websites out there. I think I would have been fine. But it was bad enough they nearly doubled the price and then a bitchy clerk insults us and then laughs at us.

We checked the site again when we got home. It says Senior $5.00. Interestingly, we found another museum site with the new prices. Perhaps they should take down their old site.


Sue T. said...

I would never call you liars! But just out of curiosity, I Googled Oakland Museum fees and the first hit was this one, which states: "Admission is $12 general; $9 seniors and students with valid ID; $6 youth, ages 9-17. Free for children 8 and under and OMCA members. FREE FIRST SUNDAYS!" (Hmm... might be a good idea to check it out on June 6!) Then I Googled "Oakland Museum seniors $5" and the only hits I got were from out of date press releases like this one and an old review on Yelp. I modestly consider myself a master Googler, so I would be interested to find which site you were looking at. (By the way, you could always have pulled out the iPhone if you needed to show the admissions person something on their web site!)

Janet A said...

We tried to show them. We had no reception in the museum to show them. When he googled the site the one with $5 was the first to appear.

When we got home and tried it again, the new site came up first.

Sue T. said...

No reception -- there's good ol' AT&T for you.

Janet Rudolph said...

I think the Museum needs to be made aware of this, as a follow-up. I think that others at the Museum would be horrified, especially since the new opening.