Monday, May 3, 2010


Sunday night we tested another recipe, Smothered Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Sauce. We served it over noodles with fried eggplant on the side. For an appetizer we had steamed mussels. This was a lovely meal. The chicken will be cooked again. The sauce is so rich and yummy.
Marty began by brining the boneless skinless chicken breasts.
Here he is prepping: eggplant in salted water, chopped onions, and sliced Crimini mushrooms.
A little salt added. I know they were brined. Yet they have been rinsed and now need salt.
Chicken breasts frying in butter and oil.
Nice and brown, ready to be taken out and other goodness to be sauteed.
Mushroom, onions, garlic in more butter and oil.
Chef Marty shows off by flipping the mushrooms.
And they all landed back in the pan!
Chicken back in with mushrooms, sour cream and spices.
Marty plating.
And the stove after all that frying with butter and oil. Yuck!


Janet Rudolph said...

Looks fabulous! Bet it tasted divine!

kts said...