Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Tuesday at school was a little different. Ms. H was gone part of the morning. She was at the funeral for the father of one of the students. Other teachers came in while their classes was at library or some other special class and covered for her. Part of the time it was just me.

I did a phonics' lesson and had recess duty. I hadn't had recess duty since 1986. It hasn't gotten any better. Lots of children running, screaming, pushing, shoving, acting like children. At least it was a warm day. I remember doing recess duty in below freezing weather. Oh the good ole days.

Children nearly always act up for subs, student teachers, and anyone else they think they can fool. That didn't happen yesterday. First because they are basically a good class. But mainly because they are used to me having the power to correct them and if need be take away privileges. And the teachers taught them in kindergarten and knew every trick they would have thought of.

I was really proud of the class. Having 4 different people running the class during just one morning had to have been a little strange for them. These kids did their work, remembered their rules, and were on their best behavior. A+ to my first graders.

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