Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A day checking out how adults live

Today Marty and I went out to Brentwood to see an Adult Resort complex. Since he does reverse mortgages this was a business trip for him.  I was there for the free lunch and to just be with Marty.  We were there for a realtors' event to show off the new clubhouse. Beautiful homes, vineyards, club house that had restaurants, spa area, exercise area, pools, gardens.  If you want to live in luxury at a very economical price this is the spot for you.  Check out the web site for Trilogy.

                              Lots of pools and fountains
A hallway

Marty checking out a small garden off the club house.
As you enter the clubhouse this is the view out to the gardens. 

A quiet spot in the men's side of the spa.  Water trickles down a clear cord.
A hot tub area with fountains behind it.
An infinity reflecting pool

And here we had lunch.  Unfortunately they had two, count them, two boring speakers.The first one repeated every thing we had heard on our VIP tour.   I could live here in a heart beat.  They have phones at the  pool so you can order drinks and food to be delivered.  Thery will have cooking classes.  Lots of stuff to do.  The homes are very inexpensive and lovely.  BUT the Delta is very hot.  And I don't do heat.

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