Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Father's Day weekend my stepfather's family has a reunion.  People come from all over the country and any where from 40 to 70 people attend.  Rooms are booked in a hotel for Friday -Sunday.  A dinner is on Saturday night and a brunch on Sunday before they all go home.  They have a hospitality room and everyone brings snacks, soft drinks, beer, and lots of comfort food.  This has been going on since1966.  The family realized the only time they had all been together was at their father's funeral.  (There is a huge spread in ages, some left home before some were born.)  So they began the annual Reunion. 

When Marty and I went to the first reunion we weren't even engaged yet. Marty survived Papa Jack's brothers asking him when he was going to marry me and why didn't I have a ring yet. The hotel gave Marty's room away and he had to sleep with Jack, I slept with Mother.  And it gets worse.  The bathroom door had been ripped off the hinges by the previous guest.  So there are 4 of us sharing a bathroom on the honor system.   After that I knew for sure Marty was a keeper.

Each year a different family member is in charge of the reunion.  A theme is picked and the game is on.  In 40+ years there have been lots of themes.  This year it was Mardi Gras.

I have a picture of my Mother and Papa Jack and another picture of Mother's side of the family. 

Let the good times roll!  Anna and Jack Hollin.  AKA Mother and Papa Jack; Grandmother, Grandmother Red, and Papaw Jack.

This is a picture of Mother and Jack with grandchildren, great grandchildren, and my brother and his wife.
Left to right back row:  Riley, Lisa Kay, Mellisa, Kiel, A.J., Hank and Chris.  Front row left to right:  Anna, Jack, Ann holding Annabella, Hall, Alyx.  No one is standing on a chair. Lisa Kay has very tall children.  Kiel is 7 foot tall, A.J. and Mellisa are way over 6 foot tall.

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Kathy said...

A fine-looking family to be sure! Missed your smiling face and especially your laugh! Give our love to Marty! Kathy & Taylor