Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I am feeling the hate . . .

Is it wrong to hate your neighbors?  Is it wrong to want to maybe do serious injury to their pets and children?  I may be needing an alibi and/or bail money.

I have complained before about the chickens and howling/barking dog 2 doors down.  The dog calmed down for a week or so and I had hopes they had kept him in the house or something.  Well the howling is back full time.  We are into the third day of none stop barking and howling.  The chickens are starting to not annoy me as much.

But last night, oh my word.  Across the street they had a party, a really really loud party.  Music, yelling, loud talking, people in the street.  Last night was Monday, a work day.  A day before another work day.  A night we need to sleep, as others on the street do.  Why do these people always have parties on work days? 

We got excited at 11:00 because the music stopped.  Oh the party is over.  No, either the band took a break, or they were just setting up new music to play.  Now we don't go to bed until after midnight.  But next door they have new twins and a year and a half old, plus Daddy goes to work.  Our lights are always the only ones on late at night.  So lots of people were not getting any sleep.

Just after midnight I heard car doors slam, lots of laughing, motors revving, and it became quieter, and thought it is done.  I drifted off to sleep.  Wrong, I kept waking up to noise, yelling, they were out in the street now.  And then around 3:30 I woke to what sounded like gunshots.  It wasn't, I decided they had huge firecrackers, maybe a M-80 or two.  But hey we know those are illegal.  They wouldn't do that.

I almost went stomping out to yell at them.  And then thought, senior citizen in a night shirt against who knows how many young adults who have been drinking for 7 hours.  So I chickened out.

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payettestork said...

I saw Ellie post a link to your blog on Facebook. Yikes you must've been irritated! I would've sent Chris over or just called the police. Our neighbors love to play their music so loudly on Saturday nights that we can hear it in our house. I thought when you finally bought a house it would be quiet? We spent years sharing walls with neighbors; I'm over other people's noise!

-Laura (Warren) Payette