Monday, June 21, 2010


Sunday was Father's Day.  Our son Erik took us out to lunch and spent the afternoon with us.  It was a lovely laughed filled day.  We had lunch at Fenton's an institution in Oakland.  And if you have seen UP, there is a scene with the little boy and the old man sitting on the curb in front of Fenton's.  Pixar always has Bay Area places in their films.

Erik, the son.
Erik and Marty, the father.
Burgers, onion rings, and fries.  YUM.
.Our family took pictures and then posted them on facebook.

After all that food, I couldn't eat another bite.  Marty and Erik ordered petite hot fudge sundaes. 
Marty really enjoyed his sundae.
Erik posted pictures of the sundae on facebook, before attacking the sundae.
Did they like it, yes they did.
At home later, having Mimosas and ready to call my Papa Jack. 
Marty talking to Mother and Papa Jack.  Love speaker phones.
Erik talking (while posting on facebook) to Grandmother and Papaw Jack.  Yes, I talked to them too.  With the speaker phone I could talk and walk around and take pictures.

As I said, it was a lovely day.  May we have lots more days together.

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