Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Monday was the day of the giggles.  All of my brides laughed and giggled throughout their weddings. The first bride could not look at the groom without giggling.  And then the groom lost it. The bride then punched him on the arm like a first grader and said stop it.  Great laughter throughout the wedding.  Yes, I laughed with them.  But I didn't lose it, someone had to be the adult.

I was very impressed with the men in one wedding party.  I went out to get the couple.  Two young men (mid 20s) were sitting with a baby in a stroller.  The groom says the bride will be right back.  The witness is feeding the baby some orange baby food. The baby is eating and crying between every spoonful.  The man can not get the food into the baby's mouth fast enough.  The two men are trying to calm down the baby and keep saying he needs a bottle.  And them MOM/BRIDE arrives with the bottle of water. She says she'll wait to feed the baby.  I said no, fix that bottle.  She does.  Babies don't wait, I can. She and the female witness put the bottle together.  They switch from food to milk. Baby is so happy. Then we go up for the wedding. The bottle is propped up on a blanket and the 3 month old is almost holding it on his own.  During the ceremony, giggles.  Plus they made kissy face at each other.  This couple was so cute and so very much in love.

My last couple had come from a town an hour away.  They couldn't be married in their town without an appointment made weeks ahead.  They drove up  to San Francisco and found out they require appointments also.  San Francisco told them to go to Oakland , no appointments, but they had to be punched in by 4:00.  They made it by the skin of their teeth.  They punched in at 3:56.  Now they hadn't planned the wedding enough to find out about appointments, they had no witness with them.  But they were dressed to the teeth.  He had on a white dinner jacket, white tux shirt, and tux pants.  She had on an electric blue ruched cocktail dress.  They planned the clothes and the rings.  Yes, she giggled throughout the ceremony.

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