Monday, June 14, 2010

Weddings, yes

It is June and the weddings are picking up.  The staff was thrilled when I arrived.  They had been really busy all morning.  I was geared up to perform lots of weddings.  But there was no action for about an hour and then we were slammed. Lots of people buying licenses and many to be married today. I did 5 weddings in an hour and a half.  And then nothing after that.

I had the Indian weddings with the incredible sari and jewelery.  The very Berkeley wedding;  bride in an outfit from the 50's including a cocktail hat.  The groom was in a black suit and wore a fedora.  One bride was in a pretty chiffon white dress and the groom wore a white suit, the coat hit down nearly to his knees. Very hip looking. These are lovely but then we had the very young in age and maturity level couple.

The couple was young, 19 and 20.  She had blue braces and was chewing bubble gun.  She wore a printed full skirted mini dress.  Cute.  He was in a white track suit and chewing bubble gum.(I made them spit out the gum)  Lots of family and several generations.  I asked if they had rings to exchange.  He reached into his pocket and said, " We bought new cell phones."

What more can I say?

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