Sunday, June 27, 2010


Sometimes I get to do weddings outside the County Building.  Yesterday I was privileged to do the wedding ceremony for a lovely couple.  The bride is the sister of a dear friend. The wedding ceremony was beside the Bay.  I mean beside the Bay.  It was a beautiful setting.  Oakland and San Francisco in the background and the water a foot back and 6 feet down off the pier.  There were a few problems: fog, really windy, rather chilly, chairs blowing over, the runner blowing.  You know the average problems of a wedding outside.  None of that mattered.

Because of the wind the sound man, Joe, decided I needed to be miked.  Otherwise all my fluffy words would blow out to sea.  That was an interesting thing to have done to me.  It was a lapel mike, the wire had to come under my top and then attach to my lapel. The wire and battery/control was to then be attached to the back of my slacks.  They were too flimsy to hold up the control.  So it was attached to my rather sturdy underwear.  Joe and I are now engaged.  Marty did help wire me. Then he took his seat.  But to turn it on, I couldn't see the buttons, so Joe played with my clothing in the back and turned it on.

Other problems with the wind, dresses.  Our Babe of Honor, did a Marilyn Monroe, only more so. She has great legs, and the moment was appreciated by many.  Others also fought to not flash the world.  It did relieve all the tension.

I am about a foot from the edge of the pier.  And there are whitecaps behind me. There were even sailboats behind me.  Notice the hair is perfect.  I had a huge amount of product in my hair.  No messy hair for me.
Look at these two pictures of Kat and Duane.  You can see signs of the wind with her dress.  But the second picture as she began her vows, the sun came out.  She was spotlighted by Mother Nature.
After dinner they cut the cakes.  One traditional and one Danish for Duane's heritage.  And then he toasted us and his lovely bride.

I have been involved in a lot of weddings not connected to my volunteering.  I have never seen such a great group of guests.  We knew no one other than the bride's sister and her husband.  People came up to us and talked to us.  Really talked to us, not  "aren't they a lovely couple".  They made sure we felt a part of the celebration.  Both sets of parents were lovely, gracious, and highly entertaining.  Aunts, cousins, whoever, they made us feel like family.  Thank you to all.

It was a joy to do this wedding. I just wish the Babe of Honor had lots more sisters for me to do their ceremonies.  There is a brother, hummm.


vallerose said...

I was wondering how the day went and glad it went well. Lovely photos of the couple but none of the Babe of Honor? Don't need the Marilyn Monroe but I would like to see how she looked.

ann_triplett said...

These were fabulous, Janet. I KNOW you are a southern lady--who else would know about ironclad Aquanet for the hair!?!? Love, Ann, your southern soul sistah!

Joe said...

Not so fast! I get dibs on the brother's wedding! :)

Janet Rudolph said...

Didn't realize it was so windy where you were! I was on the ocean not too far away, and the air was perfectly calm, but that's the Bay Area for you. Sounds like a positively wonderful time!