Monday, December 26, 2011

Bourbon Balls' Contest

This is the final Bourbon Balls' blog for Christmas 2011.  I have posted two blogs about making Bourbon Balls.  One with the recipe and pictures of starting the process of making them and another of dipping the balls.  I told you about the contest for the best Bourbon Balls, Marty against Tres and Casey.  Two very different recipes, again they did not share the real recipe.  Only that they had butter in the filling.  We have shared the recipe here and on Janet Rudolph's chocolate blog.  The tasting contest was held Christmas Day.

A little back story of this year's contest.  My brother and his wife Ann stayed with us several days before going to their son Tres' home for Christmas.  We let them taste, many many times, our wonderful Bourbon Balls.  It seemed only fair, since last year they had sampled Tres' candy for several days.  Then yesterday afternoon, we brought out our candy.  Tres brought out his candy.  The tasting began. Ours were very very heavy in Bourbon. You saw the pictures, the nuts soaked for days.  Tres' were lighter with less Bourbon.  Drum roll, please.

Marty won!  We won!  We are the King and Queen of Bourbon Balls.  No votes for the other side, we buried them.  Even Tres and Casey voted for us.  We Won!  Not that I 'm bragging or anything.


Janet Rudolph said...

Woo...hooo.... All Hail Marty & Janet, the King & Queen of Bourbon Balls!

vallerose said...

Congrats. and you saved some for me????