Saturday, December 10, 2011

Christmas in the city

Friday afternoon Marty and I rode BART into San Francisco.  We walked around Union Square and through some of the stores to see the Christmas decorations.  The city was beautiful and alive.

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Crowds of people were thick and they were carrying lots of packages.  Bands and Carolers were on every corner.  You had to feel Christmassy with all the music in the air.

We then went up to the Hotel where Marty’s barber works.  We had a fun visit with her, and Marty got a great haircut.  Then we went to dinner.

Well we tried to go to dinner.  The city was so busy we couldn’t get into any of our favorite restaurants.  We couldn’t get a signal on our phones (thank you so much AT&T) to make reservations.  So we walked for ever from restaurant to restaurant.  Finally we got a signal and made reservations at La Central.

We hadn’t eaten there before.  Very nice and very good.  Then we went back to Union Square to see the lights at night.

This is the trombone section of the Cal Band playing Christmas music at Union Square.
Macy’s main store on Union Square. 
Macy’s gift to the city of San Francisco, a gorgeous Christmas tree.
As we were leaving, we saw this tall glittery being.  It was The Christmas Fairy.  We stopped to take pictures.
The Christmas Fairy pulled us out of the crowd and handed Marty’s camera to a man to take our picture.  The man messed up the picture, so his little girl said she could do it.  And a good job she did.

We had a lovely evening. 

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Erik Appel said...

Okay, I have to ask just what time you all were there when it was dark, because Jennifer and I were ice skating there from 6:00 to 7:00.

And we were just calling him the Gay-ngel. We didn't think about Christmas Fairy.