Saturday, December 31, 2011

Weddings? Oh we had weddings!

The last week of December is one of the busiest of the year at the Marriage Factory.  Wednesday from 9:00 to 4:45 there were 22 weddings.  I arrived at 1:00 and married couples until 4:20.  I performed  9 weddings in that time.  Staff and another volunteer did the rest of the marriages.

Now just to make the afternoon even crazier the computers went down all over the building.  For about 45 minutes we couldn’t do anything.  There were 3 licenses waiting to print and come to me.  There were 5 couples waiting to buy a license and be married and several others waiting to just buy a license.  Plus we had other customers that were there to get birth certificates, death certificates, business licences, and other business in the building.  People were good.  No one got angry, no one got upset.  They were antsy, but OK.  The computer came back on line and like a well oiled machine, everything was back to normal.

One of my couples was worried about the computer problem.  The groom thought it was a bad sign and maybe they shouldn’t marry that day.  She convinced him it would be fine.  They were an interesting couple and group.

He had a huge gelled Mohawk (he was in his 30’s old enough to not wear a Mohawk) She was  very traditional looking.  His mother drove me crazy.  She was taking pictures with his camera.  A digital point and click.  Well she couldn’t.  The whole ceremony she talked, “I can’t take pictures with this.  There is something wrong.  I don’t like your camera.”  Very intrusive to the ceremony.  I called for the witnesses.  His brother and Mother signed. 

Then the groom said Dad was to sign why did his brother sign.  I was worried at first.  But it was OK.  Father and son had the same name and same address. 

One more wedding.  The couple and their family and guests were from Mongolia.  They were surprised and pleased I nailed both their names.  I was too.  These names were much harder than the couple last week. 

The groom wore a tux  and had a boutonnière.  The bride wore a tiered white satin sheath with a square neck.  She carried a huge bouquet of mixed flowers.  Their baby son was in a suit and tie.  Their little girl wore a burgundy sparkly waltz length dress. 

This group was great.  Everyone dressed for the occasion. Some of the women guests wore corsages.  Lots of fun and love in the room. I love doing weddings when everyone is all dressed up.

That’s two out of my nine.  I’ll post another day about some of the other weddings.

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