Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lots of weddings and then hardly any

As I have said, December is as busy for weddings as June.  Monday I was busy.  Wednesday I did one wedding. That morning they only had one wedding.  No one could figure out where the couples were.

The way one couple and their witness were dressed was in your face.  The bride had on a long black sweater that hit at mid thigh. Right, a sweater no pants, tights, or leggings.  She wore hooker boots that were high heeled and came almost to the bottom of the sweater.  The groom wore a baseball cap backwards and droopy on the floor jeans.  The witness had dreadlocks, backwards baseball cap, droopy on the floor jeans.  The crotch was below the knees.  The witness was texting, texting, texting.   The couple had a toddler who the witness was really good with. The witness was helping with letters and colors as we did the final legal work on the license.  I commented on how the child was lucky and had three parents.  The bride commented, "Yes, my sister is really good with him."  Sister, sister, OMW, I thought she was a man.

The next couple I asked is everyone here.  Are we ready to go upstairs?  Yes we are ready.  We get to the elevator and guess what.  They had to go outside and round up people.  We get upstairs, and I realize the groom speaks no English.  She only speaks English and no Spanish.  They speak the language of love.  I gave the license to D and she did a bilingual ceremony.

Indian groom and Russian bride. Thankfully they both spoke perfect English. He had on lovely black suit and a crisp white shirt with French cuffs.  She was a red head with a porcelain complexion. She wore a very simple cream colored sheath with a draped neck line. She carried coral colored roses. One of their guests had a serious Nikon camera.  He was snapping pictures right and left.  He was flirty and fun.  He kept taking pictures of me.  I told him no one takes pictures of me, just of the bride and groom.  He said but you are so beautiful and snapped away.  Who could argue with that?  He wanted pictures of me, snap away.

The next bride was so terribly nervous.  She looked so scared.  During the ceremony she was visibly shaking.  You have heard the the expression their knees were knocking?  That was the bride, her whole body was trembling.  He held her, patted her on the back, she was a wreck. I really thought she was going to pass out.  She made it through the ceremony without hitting the floor.  By the time we recorded the license she had become somewhat calmer.

I had a license on my desk for over an hour.  It had a post it that said waiting for witness.  The clerk saw it sitting there and said she would ask them the status of the witness.  She came back and said they are gone.  She then said she would call them and see what was going on.  She found them and brought them to the wedding room as I was finishing up on my fifth wedding of the day.  Except the bride is missing again.   Finally the bride shows up and I got them married.

Wednesday one wedding.  We only did two all day.  The license was out of county.  So no point in checking it.  We are not allowed to reprint another county's license.  The couple is laughing, not taking the ceremony seriously. They both grab one of our silk flower bouquets.  They laugh, it's all fun. And I then begin the ceremony.  The bride gets really nervous.  Tears start threatening to fall.  I hand her a tissue.  He held her and and they couldn't let go.  After the ceremony she is no calmer.  They have been together for years.  But they realize, this is a life changing event.

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