Friday, December 2, 2011

Many weddings, many things to remember

This week there were lots of weddings.  There were weird, funny, interesting things that happened.  Some were fun, and some ticked me off.

Monday when I arrived I checked for licenses waiting for a commissioner.  As I picked it up I was handed another license.  I checked the first one and the witnesses had already signed, and then I saw some one had signed as the wedding officiator.  I then realized the license had been put on the shelf and not in the inbox for D.

My first wedding was a couple with a toddler in the bride’s arm.  This child had the most incredible eyes (the clerks commented on his eyes also).They were a piercing grey while green at the same time.  Before I began the ceremony I asked if they were ready.  The little boy answered, “yes”.  We began with a laugh.

Then I had a Korean couple.  As I am talking I realize he isn’t saying anything, she is doing all the talking.  He spoke no English.  The clerk should have figured that out.  I took them downstairs and they refunded the couple the money for the ceremony.  They reprinted the license and told them how to find a translator or someone who could marry them with the bride translating.  We are not allowed to do that.

Two more weddings and this time the bride speaks no English.  We do have a Cantonese translator who can do the wedding ceremony.  Again, clerks please figure out if they both speak English.  The couples get really upset when I have to bring them back downstairs and find a translator.

Wedding of the week, the groom is from Trinidad, she is from Ethiopia.  They have one guest and the three of them are chatting in English, perfect English.  I start asking questions and the bride keeps turning to the groom and asking what I said.  I don’t understand, I know she speaks perfect English.

I ask what is wrong.  She says I am speaking too fast.  Me, too fast????  I am laughed at for being Southern.  Southerners  talk slowly.  Very slowly.  I have been told to hurry up and spit it out.  The groom (and he has that lovely Trinidad accent) said she has trouble with accents.  When they went to Trinidad she couldn’t understand anyone.  So I did the ceremony slowly, really really slowly.

I love days that are busy with weddings.  December is as busy as June for weddings.  I enjoy doing the weddings and meeting the couples.  The couples are interesting, irritating, fun.  Volunteering is a great way to spend your days.

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