Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas with the Family

Christmas Eve we drove to Davis to spend Christmas with our nephew Tres and his family.  If you remember we had taken his parents to Davis on Wednesday. 

Everyone but Marty and me are Catholic. Christmas Eve Mass is their tradition.  We stayed home and made sure food would be ready for the feast planned for dinner.

We had shrimp salad, a 5 layer salad, broccoli casserole, lobster mac, spoon bread, and salt crusted prime rib.  For dessert, Marty’s crème brulee as requested by the children.


Casey set beautiful tables for the  adults and children.  Each plate held a Christmas cracker.


Hank and Ann with the grandchildren as they were leaving for Mass.

IMG_1249Tres and Ava ready for Mass.


Tres carving the prime rib.  His mother Ann watches.


Maryann, an Airman nurse, who works with Casey.  As you can see we had all kinds of cookies, fudge, and other goodies.


We have pulled the Christmas Crackers and are all wearing our crowns.


We turned out the lights to get the full effect of Marty torching the crème brulee.


More fire.  Hall really was amazed by the torch.  I think he wanted one for Christmas.


Annabella helping Uncle Marty.


The children are in bed and the elves are putting together toys.  Not easy after lots of wine.


Hall and Annabella disc0vering what Santa brought.


Ava playing with one of her gifts.


Ava carrying her baby doll, headed for Annabella’s doll.  She decided she liked hers best.

As you can see, Christmas is great with little children and family.  We laughed, took gobs of pictures, eat way too much food, drank just the right amount of great wines, and had a lovely time.

Now we are home where it is very quiet and peaceful.  That is a good thing, also a bad thing.  Miss the family. 

Tres and his family will probably be in Turkey next year.  He has been told they will be transferred in early summer to Turkey.  Things change in the Air Force and they could end up somewhere else.  But is is pretty certain they will not be at Travis much longer.  Really will miss our family being so close.

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