Saturday, December 24, 2011

Playing Tourist in San Francisco

My brother Hank and his wife are here from Louisville, Kentucky and spent 5 days with us.  Wednesday night we took then to Davis to their son’s home. 

We took them to a fabulous party the night they arrived.  We stayed home a couple of days, visited, ate good food, and drank good wine. We drove around and looked at Christmas lights.  And then we spent a glorious day in San Francisco.

It was shirt sleeves weather, December and 65 degrees.  It is good to live in California.  Our first stop was Grace Cathedral.


The doors of the cathedral.


One stained glass window after another.  They were setting up for a Christmas concert.


From the cathedral to Lombard Street, the crookedest street in the world.


We headed to the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park next.  Marty is in front of a huge cactus.


Ann and Hank looking at tropical plants and orchids.  There were hundreds of orchids blooming.  Just lovely.


More orchids and blooming plants.


These orchids looked like peppermint candy.


One wing always has seasonal exhibits.  This time it was poinsettias and a miniature of Playland.  They also had model trains running through it. 


Some of the games from Playland were on exhibit too.  This is Zoltar, one of the few originals left in the world.  Zoltar was a “star” in the movie Big.

From there we drove through scenic areas of the city. Then it was time for drinks.  Marty took us to a bar where he used to watch Billiards, Cinch.  Very fun and we all made friends.


Dinner was at the delicious, wonderful, delicious, outstanding House of Prime Rib. Did I say delicious? The chef rolls this huge silver cart around to each table.  He carves the cut of prime rib you request.  Then he adds the vegetables you want.  Very old style and very gracious dining.

They serve one fish dish and several cuts of Prime Rib.  That’s it for protein. Then you have wonderful sides. They have been open for at least 50 years. If you have time watch the video on the link above. You might just lick the screen.

After that huge meal, we went home and sat around and groaned.

It was a fun tourist day in the city.  It was even more fun because Ann and Hank were with us.

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