Thursday, March 1, 2012

Monday, a busy day for love

Monday afternoon from 1:00 until 4:30 Clerk D and I performed 11 weddings. She did 4 Spanish and I did 7 in English.

My first wedding the groom told me he was in the Navy.  He is assigned to the USS Enterprise.  They were having a quick wedding before he goes to sea this month.  After I pronounced them married, he kissed her and then said, "You are now officially a Navy wife!".

I was checking the next license and saw either a couple of interesting clues or major errors.  The groom and the bride had the same last name.  That happens every now and then.  But they both also had the same date of divorce, 3 months ago.  I checked with the couple, no errors.  We had a do over wedding. Can you imagine going through the hell of a divorce and then 3 months later making up and remarrying?  Man, I really wanted to get the back story on this one.  But I didn't.  So not just no endings, but no real beginnings either.

One couple was acting a little strange.  They held hands, they laughed and smiled at each other.  Yet every time he tried to put an arm around him, she'd jerk away and give him the death stare. This happened several times.  Just weird.  After I pronounced them married they laughed and kissed.  Go figure.

The couple had been together 17 years.  Their children were with them as witnesses and guests.  The groom was a wreck.  He was so grim faced and nervous.  The bride and the groom both felt a little strange marrying after being together so many years.  As soon as I pronounced them married, he broke into the most beautiful smile and relaxed.  The children cheered, laughed, and rushed to hug their parents.  What a fun cool moment.  Oh the bride was smiling too.

Last story.  The couple was so cute and fun.  They said they were going to have a "real" wedding later.  I, as always, said no you are going to have a party.  A big gorgeous party.  They laughed and agreed.  This was the real wedding.  They then practiced saying, "Party, we are having a big Party.  Party."

Monday was like old times.  A busy afternoon, weddings spaced out with no big over lap or rush.  A lovely afternoon.

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