Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finishing up the week

Wednesday there were only 2 weddings and not worth a whole blog.  They may show up next week. Thursday I did what I call a lick and a promise house cleaning.  I pretended I was a Molly Maid and hit the middle, because we know they don't bend over and they won't get on a step stool.   Friday I did do something a little interesting, to me anyway.

I kept clicking Next Blog at the top of the blogs.  There are some really awful blogs out there, folks.  Now I understand mine is average at best, but oh my word.  I had ended up in the Mommy Blogs.  There was the perfectly staged shot of the 3 beautiful children and dog with Mommy and Daddy. The perfect day, the cute sayings.  I tried to read them.  I just couldn't. The blogs were so syrupy about the cute fun things everyone did.  Every minute of the day was wonderful.  Only sunshine and light.  I do not believe the Mommys, I can't believe it.

I taught elementary school for years and still volunteer in a school. I know children. I have a son who I let live only because I love him so much. Once he and the neighbor kid walked on my couch in muddy shoes.  That is what little boys do.  I locked him out of the house so I wouldn't kill him. That same couch had chocolate rubbed into it by my nephew the Colonel. This wasn't recent, the Colonel was 5 when this happened.  I became the queen of spot removal.

Children are holy terrors.  They rip holes in their clothes.  Children do embarrassing things.  They get dirty.  They throw up on you.  They break your heart.  And they run in the house, grab you and say I love you, Mom.  That is why it is all worth it.

There is one blog that I have been reading for several weeks,  It has a Mommy and it has children.  But it is different. This woman is fun as is her family.  She writes about a real life.  She loves her children and shows it.  She also shares problems.  Give German Village Mom a try.   She is addictive.