Thursday, March 29, 2012

This is just hard work

The Colonel and his lady, Dr. Colonel, are at Command School.  This is a week long  event.  The three children need someone to take care of them.  I tried to get out of it.  I volunteer, I am old, Please Mr. Custer I don't wanna go.  Ann and Hank the real grandparents tried to get out of it.  We work full time, we have meetings, we are old. we will be coming in April can't afford two trips.  Ann caved and said she would come.  Then she begged me to join her.  I tried but I couldn't refuse her.  So she arrived Friday and I came up to Davis on Tuesday.  These are three sweet children that I love dearly.  But  there is a reason God gives children to young people.  Ann is on Day 7 and I am on Day 3.  She is a brave woman.  The wine is helping us both to be brave.

Two kids go to different schools.  So pick up one and race to another school.  Then we have choices of Karate or baseball, sometimes both at the same time.  The toddler is with us.  She has the attention span of a gnat and does not like sitting.  Our jobs this week, Ann is to drive, I am to cook.  We share reading books, discipline, and diaper duty.  I made it through the first day.

Day 2 Ann is off to school with Hall and then to the grocery.  The girls get up, I make breakfast.  Bella wants to make muffins.  We start and realize no flour in the house.  Ann and Bella are off to the grocery again.  Muffins made, they taste icky.  Bella tells us her head hurts, but she wants to go to preschool.  Ann takes off and I have Ava.  Hall and Bella have Karate and baseball after school.  They come home, change into their respective uniforms and Bella says I don't feel good.  She is running a fever.  Ann goes off with Hall and Ava.  I have Bella.  I read to her until she falls asleep.  Then I start supper.  Bella will not eat or drink, she is nauseated.  Later she proves that point.  During supper Ava pitches a fit and throws her plate across the room.  She does not like being told NO.  And that is why you use plastic with toddlers.

Now I am not saying we are doing anything more that any mother in the world.   But we are not these children's mothers, we are grand relatives.  We are way into our senior years.  We did all this a long long time ago.   After a night of checking on Bella through the night, we are even more tired. 

Day three, Ann is off to school with Hall.  Again to the grocery, and then home to the sick.  While she was gone, Dexter the dog threw up.  I am good and got him outside before he upchucked.  Ava presented a new problem.  She resents Bella getting Grandma's attention.  Huge crying and screaming every time Grandma gives attention to Bella.  Ava will not let me hold her.  Ann is wearing down.

And it is only 1:00 on Day 3. We have 1 1/2 days to go.  Please may the wine hold out until the Colonel gets home.

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