Monday, March 12, 2012

Quiet afternoon on the wedding front

Today was Marriage Factory Day.  I did my hair and make up, dressed in my Big Girl clothes, I was ready to do marriage ceremonies.  I arrived and several clerks said they were so glad I was there.  The morning had been busy.

Well, for me, not so much. Not a wedding all afternoon.  I sat and read.  It was a good book but I am there for the weddings.  I even dozed off a couple of times, the time change hit me hard this year.  Anyway I was told all about the seven weddings that morning.  Then Clerk D told me the Occupiers had been there.

The Occupiers were going to all county Clerk Recoders' offices to protest the "theft of homes" by banks. Ours turned out to be a non event.  Three people showed up, put crime scene tape around poles and stood there for an hour.  A reporter, maybe Jimmy Olsen, rode up on his bike, asked a couple of questions, and left.  The Occupiers then left also.

This was a day you could say was wasted for me.  But I don't.  I was there to help.  The staff was glad I was there.  They knew if people showed up, I would handle it.   They hate the days volunteers aren't there. 

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