Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day 5

If you aren't a Facebook friend you missed the joy of Thursday and Friday with the little darlings.  Things were just too crazy to write a blog.  Throw up girl was better, but she suffered from severe crankiness. Toddler Ava was teething and became more cranky than her sister.  Poor Hall didn't have a chance.  It was all about his little sisters.  Ann and I were run ragged. 

Both girls only wanted Grandma and screamed bloody murder if Ann touched the other one.  They didn't want Aunt Janet unless Ann was away running errands.  Teething child, the perfect eater, gave up food.  The only thing she wanted was grapes that give her diarrhea.  She knew they were in the refrigerator and stood and cried for grapes.  Sorry sugar, those diapers are too awful.  Throwup girl had projects for us and was still playing the I am sick card. 

The wine was flowing.  When the precious darlings were down for the night, we were pulling corks. Friday night was getting closer, Daddy Colonel was coming home.  Late Friday afternoon the phone rang.  His flight had been canceled, he didn't know if he would get home before Saturday.  Pour the wine, we don't get to retire Friday night. 

Friday night is family movie night.  We had rented a movie for the kids and extended their bed time. The two oldest were fighting, yelling, and on our last nerve.  Time outs with threats of no movie and being put to bed early.  Another time out and I am on my last nerve.  Where is my wine?  They did get to watch the movie.  But it was a close thing.

After several texts we find out United finally brought in another plane and Colonel Daddy will be home sometime in the middle of the night.  He arrived at 1:30 in the morning.  Great joy for his mother and me.

We let Colonel Daddy sleep in this morning.  But as of now he is up and they are his children.  His house rules are back in effect.  Ann and I do not even know these three children.  Marty is on the way to pick me and take me home.  Love these children, but as I said, this is just hard.

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