Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rain, School, and no lovely lunch

Tuesday the storm door opened with a vengeance.  There were wrecks everywhere, blocked tunnels, flooded roads, and high wind warnings on the bridge.  Luckily Marty and I know how to get places without using the major highways.  He got me to Kaiser on time, but many parents weren't able to do that.  The school secretary told me there were about 10 students per classroom.  Kids drug in for nearly an hour.

As every parent knows, rain sets off children.  Children go bonkers.  Now multiply that by 25 children and you have a classroom.  Teachers really really hate rain.  And guess what, it was a day we had to do a standardized math test.  Plus class pictures.  It was a loud day.  Children forgot rules.  Even when I read to them, they could not settle down.  If you know a teacher, hug her/him, send her/him a sorry it is raining note.  Fill a thermos with Margaritas and take it to her/him.

I was to go to lunch after my time at school.  A rep from my school, Eastern Kentucky University, had called a few weeks ago and set up a lunch.  I knew she was going to ask for money.  I knew I wasn't going to give her any.  She asked me to pick the restaurant and I suggested Chu.  I really love this place and wanted to go on her money. 

The rep was staying in the city.  She is from a small town and had commented on how driving in California is a challenge.  She would have to be on the bridge with the high winds, dodge wrecks, flooded areas.  I couldn't do that to her.  I called and canceled.  I told her I wouldn't be giving any money and I just didn't feel right putting her at risk just for a nice lunch.  The poor girl thanked me and thanked me.  She had been really worried about the trip across the Bay.

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