Saturday, March 3, 2012

Leap Day 2-29-12 Weddings???

We were all wondering if there would be many weddings on Leap Day.  In years past it had been busy.  But after the slow Valentine’s Day, we didn’t know what would happen.

When I arrived at 12:45, the morning volunteer had only had 2 weddings.  Less than her average. I thought, good thing I brought a book. 

I was wrong.  I did 6 weddings and Clerk D did 1 Spanish wedding.  Not real real busy, but busy enough to feel useful. 

I had one wedding the bride really surprised me.  She had on a ordinary long coat that covered her dress.  The coat came off and I went wow, she looks absolutely stunning.  Her dress was an above the knee white chiffony material.  It was one shouldered, there was a knife pleated over dress that flowed over a sheath.  It was gorgeous.  She wore strappy sliver heels with a butterfly tattooed ankle.

The next couple were a little odd to look at.  She was very tall, he was very short.  They were the same age, yet he looked 10 years younger.  She was a typical white woman,  he was Mayan.  They were very demonstrative, but not in an embarrassing way.  During the ceremony the bride was teary eyed, he was just a little.  All during the ceremony he would reach up and give her a little kiss on the cheek, hug her, kiss her on the lips.  She would give him a little kiss.  After the ceremony I took them into Clerk D to get their certified copy of the license.  She later told me he was in the USA as an asylum refugee.  As soon as he is safe with citizenship, they will go back to Guatemala for a Mayan wedding.    I don’t see how citizenship will protect him.  Just my thought.

The couple was older, in their 50s.  His twin brother and his parents were with them.  The parents were 91.  The bride wore a silver lace dress.  This was not a delicate lace.  It was large and heavy lace.  Beautiful lace work.  The couple and everyone else were so happy and excited.  One guest was so excited she drove me a little nuts.  She was to bring up the rings and she also was taking pictures.  I told her I would ask for the rings.  But she kept bringing them up all through the ceremony.  While taking the pictures she was everywhere.  She flitted from one side to the other; crossing in front of me, a huge no no; getting behind the couple; running to the other side and then back.  I was ready to kill her.  I didn’t, I let her live. 

The last couple were something else.  She was a tiny woman who was 7 months pregnant.  Her bump was huge.  Her top did not cover the baby bump and her jeans didn’t pull up to the baby bump.  She wasn’t able to get off the bench without his help.  She said she was having awful back pain.  He was twitchy, he could not be still.  He also smelled like alcohol.  He wasn’t drunk, or I couldn’t have married them. We had his constant twitching, turning his head, moving and rocking.  She wasn’t able to stand for the ceremony and they sat on the bench. 

In my humble opinion he was on meth.  He had all the signs.   I questioned her about her pain.  It had started the night before, it came and went.  I told her it could be back labor, she didn’t know about that.  I asked her if she called her doctor.  No.  I told her any pain should be reported to her doctor.  It could be labor, false labor, the baby could be sitting on a nerve.  Whatever, the doctor needed to know.  I don’t think that soaked in.  As they left they were talking about going out for a celebration dinner.


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