Friday, November 1, 2013


Yesterday was Halloween.  In the last 12 or so years we have not had many Trick or Treaters.  Some years the boys next door would come, but usually they were at a party.  Last night we had no idea how many children to expect.  There are lots of children in the neighborhood, but would they be out?  Since we have so many steps Marty decided to just sit on the inside steps and not run up and down the stairs.  That changed to sitting in a chair (balmy California night) on the porch with our new downstairs' neighbor.  I took the chair, Claire had a chair, and Marty sat on the porch railing.

Claire used to live in the same apartment several years ago and said lots and lots of kids would come by.  For us, there were a lot of children, but not as many as she said in years past.  It was fun talking to our new neighbor, and fun handing out candy to children.  Although some Moms had a sack for candy too.  The costumes were fancy and many were very imaginative.  The biggest surprise of the night was how polite the children were.  Thank you said by most of them, no grabbing, waiting for their turn at the candy bowls.  We have had some really greedy rude brats over the years. 

Below I have a few pictures of the children.  I asked the parents if I could take pictures, and promised no faces would be shown unless the child had a mask or had  on makeup. Remember it was nighttime and I had to work on the pictures to allow for shadows.  Some are bright because the children are under the porch lights.

And it begins.  Little cute ones and then tall scary ones. 
An adorable Ladybug
There were several of these, in varying heights
A lovely butterfly next to her is her sister who did not go for cute or beauty. . .
The Butterfly's sister. 
 A scary trio
This was the best costume of the night.  Not a child, this was Dad watching over his children.
We enjoyed all the costumes and the fun of Halloween.  Next year Marty and I might have to dress up.   

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