Monday, February 23, 2009

Amazing book

Today at school the sub read a great book. ( Ms H. has jury duty). I don't think the book is available to the general public. It is published through Scholastic Books and is, according to the back of the book, sold only to the "school market". So you may only get to read this in a classroom, buy through the book sales, or school library,

The book is THE THREE LITTLE WOLVES AND THE BIG BAD PIG. EUGENE TRIVIZAS wrote the book and HELEN OXENBURG illustrated it. It is the classic fairy tale in reverse. The wolves are cute, fluffy ( their mother had rollers in her head fur and her tail), and brave. The pig is big, mean, and destructive.

The wolves build a house of brick, the pig can't blow it down so he takes a sledge hammer to it. They rebuild in concrete, he takes a jack hammer to it. They then build in armor, Plexiglas, barbed wire, padlocks, and the pig uses dynamite.

The last house is built of flowers. We have a happy ending. The writing is clever, children will love this book. And parents will laugh at clever writing that the children won't get.

I hope you can find this for your children, grandchildren, yourself. I loved hearing this story today.

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