Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well, I have played with Facebook all weekend. I went hunting for friends from Corbin High School and Eastern Kentucky University. So far none of them are on Facebook. I then looked for friends in my contacts' list. Not too many there either. And 90% of the ones I found are 45 years old or younger. Facebook is really a young person's site.

That said, I have declared myself young. The site is fun and I think it could become very addictive. I know people are highly competitive as to their number of friends. They are hustling to get just one more friend. I am happy to have any friends. During my search I ran across people with no friends. That is what it says, "Joe Blow has no friends." How sad is that?

One of the interesting things is you feel a little like a spy. People you don't know are "talking" to people you do know. I think people forget what they write is out there for the world to see. You are not just talking to your friend. Anyone can read it.

I will continue on Facebook. Gotta stay young.

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