Friday, February 13, 2009

CORALINE maybe spoilers

Coraline is wonderful. Fabulous! Too good for children. And a little scary. I didn't check the rating, but if Snow White 0r parts of Fantasia ( Bald Mountain terrified me as a child and a little bit as an adult) seemed scary to you as a child, this is more so. If you have children under 10 to 12, see it first. Or check with parents who have seen it. It is intense, children are in danger. Parents vanish. Good things become very evil. There were children who looked 6 to 10 in the theater with us. They were restless and they did not understand the plot. Know your child's fear level. It is not a horror movie, but as I said, parts are intense.

Marty and I took in the 4:49 showing today for Coraline. I was a little shocked, we paid $9.50 per person with a senior rate. And then we had popcorn and shared a big COKE. Talk about sticker shock. Maybe it was more because it was 3D. Still it was so worth it.

The animation is great. 3D is so wonderful now. I remember 3D in my maybe early teens. Talk about a headache. The head pain after the movie would be awful. Today, the glasses fit over my glasses with no problem. No headaches. The 3D is not shocking as it was 50 years ago. Yeah, I am officially old. It just deepens the beauty of the film. Objects don't thrust out at you, or jump at you. The movie is just there in depth.

The story is of a young girl who feels unloved and neglected. Neglected she is. The family has moved across the country and she is very unhappy. She discovers a secret door to her "other" family. And then it becomes a horror film with great beauty. Coraline finds out which father and mother is really best, and what is a friend. Coraline becomes a friend to the neighbors and a saviour. This is a movie of great beauty and with a message. And it is highly entertaining too. It works for adults and for children. Again, parents go with your younger children.

It is being shown in regular format and in 3D. If you can, see it in 3D. So much fun. Even the previews were in 3D. When you go see it, stay through the credits. They are fun with flying 3D dogs.

We give this movie an A+.

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