Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Mother Nature is mad at Louisville. Today they had 60 mph winds, and tornadoes in the area. Think about it: an earthquake, IKE, the worst ice storm in history, and today winds. This has happened in just the last year. This time my folks are without power. Right now it is warm for February, so they aren't going to freeze, but still not good.

Tonight Marty proved again why he is a keeper. Janet Rudolph ( book group moderator, 2 blogs on the side of this blog) was hosting an AT HOME. That means she had authors coming to talk to our group and other invited guests. Last night she had heard from maybe 4 people. Not a good showing for 3 authors. I did not plan to go for several reasons. But I asked Marty to go with me and we went. This is so not his thing. But he went so the room would look full. I went because I care about Janet R as does Marty. Turns out, several showed that hadn't said they were coming and we really weren't needed. It was a nice evening. I was proud of Marty staying awake. As soon as we got home he sat down to watch TV, and was immediately asleep. He is a keeper.

This was marrying day. One wedding I had a Momzilla. Everything I asked the couple, Mom would answer. And then she would tell us what to do. The couple just stood there and waited for her decisions. I started the ceremony and Mom walked up and pulled a flower out of the bride's hair. The bride objected and Mom told her how bad she looked. Then she played with the bride's hair and repinned the flower. When Mom had everything the way she wanted it I started over. I sure hope the couple lives far away from her. Not a nice woman.

And then there was my last couple. I called their names, no answer, I called it again. I know I am standing next to them.( there are no other couples in the lobby) Finally someone said just a minute we're taking pictures. And there were 5 women on the bench with crossed legs, skirts hiked, and Paris Hilton smiles. The picture was taken and I called their names again, and they said just a minute, one more picture. This ticked me. They were just rude. I said let's go. Finally I got them upstairs. I really did not like anyone in the room. They all were phony, the bride was talking to me about the ceremony, stopped and did a Colgate smile for a picture, then continued. They just rubbed me wrong. All through the ceremony she posed, fake smiled. In the middle of her vows she checked where the cameras were and posed. It also felt like they treated me like lowly scummy hired help. And we all know I am the Queen of Marrying.

One couple made up for the two above. They were mid forties. The clerk, Miss P told me the bride wanted me to hurry and get them into the wedding room. She was afraid the groom would walk. And then I found mistakes on the license and we had to correct it. Miss P called to them only 2 more minutes. I got them on the elevator and realized he had had a little fortification. He was sober but had had some nerve tonic. I started the ceremony and realized the bride is a bouncer. The happier she was the more she bounced. I almost got the giggles. After the wedding they both hugged me, they were so happy. I commented on her bouncing while she was so happy and he said the perfect thing. "That's why I love her." And that is why I love doing weddings.

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kts said...

Millions of you and Marty points from me to you!!! Hooray! If I had not been the sole parent home with the six year old, would have been there with you. Love kts