Saturday, February 7, 2009

I changed my topic. HAIRBALLS ARE BACK

I have a blog all written in my head. It is all about the wonderful play we saw last night. I was gonna write it, I was gonna be happy. Not gonna happen.

I took the garbage out this morning and saw it. It was awful, sad, and made me furious. Our beautiful orange tree is flat on the ground, sideways. I could hear the oranges screaming, "We are almost ready to pick. Don't let this happen!" The hair balls are back. I just know they have eaten all the roots of a mature tree. They struck again.

By a fluke, the owner of the blow and go crew was next door. He just knocked on the door and said he would stake the tree for me. He doesn't think it was gophers because the tree is still alive. He is hoping the heavy fruit and the wet ground caused it to fall. So he has worked on it and we will see. I think it is gophers, the rose bush went the same way.

Maybe later tonight I will tell you about the great play.

1 comment:

Janet Rudolph said...

Gophers, I'm sure. They are not particular. Of course could be voles, but what's the difference really. They ate your tree!