Saturday, February 7, 2009


Friday night we went to the Willows Theatre in Concord Ca to a play. We have had season tickets for close to 20 years, so we just show up. Until the last play we have enjoyed every thing we have seen. This time we were a little "do we really want to go tonight. It is raining, it's icky out. Let's stay home." But we went.

It was the West Coast Premier for Be My Baby. The play is the story of an older couple who can't stand each other traveling to San Francisco from Scotland to adopt a baby. The baby is for her niece and his nephew who are married. A week's travel becomes weeks. If it can go wrong it does. And it is weeks of hilarity. A well written play, very funny, and the actors are great. If you live in the Bay Area, go to the link and get tickets, and see the play. We enjoyed this so much. We laughed, we empathized, and we laughed some more. This is a very, very entertaining play.

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