Saturday, February 21, 2009

Dana, all is forgiven

February 6 I wrote an opinion ( Thought 4) of a book by Dana Stabenow Prepared for Rage. If you remember I was very disappointed in the book. I just finished her newest book, Whisper to the Blood, a Kate Shugak Novel. I loved it! It also is a different series than Prepared for Rage. Maybe I just don't like the protagonist in Rage. No, that was a poorly written book.

Whisper is better written, it didn't telegraph what would happen. The plot was tight, had surprising turns, characters were well defined. The book deals with a huge gold mine starting up in a National Park in Alaska. The pro and cons, the history of the rape of the land are explained well. And old murders are finally solved, maybe. And new murders happen. I would suggest if you haven't read this series, begin at the beginning. This book really falls back into the history of Kate, her foster son, family, and old relationships. I think the book would be hard to follow if you haven't read the others. At least read three or four books back.

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