Friday, February 27, 2009


This is my week so far. Weddings, helping at school, feeling icky, not eating, marathon sleeping.

Weddings this week were fairly normal. No drama, no silliness, just nice people getting married because they love each other.

Wednesday night I started feeling icky. Not sick, just not right. I fell asleep in the chair around 10:00 and at 11:30 Marty woke me and sent me to bed. It was as if I had been drugged. Heavy sleep. Out of the period of 10:00 Wednesday night to 8:00 Friday morning I slept 26 hours. The time I was awake I couldn't concentrate to read or write my blog. And I wasn't hungry! Me, the one who never feels full. Very strange.

If I hadn't declared myself well this morning, I would still be sleeping. But I had to be well today. The dirty clothes hamper was over flowing, and the dust bunnies were ready to take us hostage. I have done laundry and cleaned the house. I have captured all the dust bunnies and I am worn out. Maybe a little nap will help.

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kts said...

Hope you are feeling much better!