Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A little of this, a little of that

Warning, spell check is not working tonight.

Yesterday was a tough day. It began well. I finally after three Mondays of no school or I was sick, I was there. The kids were a little wacko. Like they have regressed. But it was a good morning. I was glad to be back. I was glad to be working one on one again.

Then I rushed home, changed into Big Girl clothes, and went to marry couples. It started off very slow, but then the 3:00 rush came. Lots of couples. One couple was Japanese, both born in the 1940s. The clerk, who is Asian made a point to tell me they were Japanese. I called their names. This is where profiling comes in. I was expecting a traditional conservative couple with accents. I know, not nice. But they were born in Japan and that is the way the people of that generation that I have met, are. NOT. This lovely sharp dressing woman came up, no accent. Fun and gorgeous. He was just darling. Cute, huggable. I just wanted to laugh and party with them. He had bleached curly hair. Sort of a street walker yellow. He had a several ear piercings and ear cuffs. His suit was beautiful and he wore a lovely white on white shirt. And he had a zoot suit chain. Loved them. And they kissed, multiple times after the ceremony. Most of my Asian couples will not kiss in front of others.

My last wedding was my favorite. The bride was beautiful in a street length strapless wedding dress and prissy white jeweled flip flops. He was in white and ecru. One witness was in a Coast Guard uniform and there were two other guests. Everyone in the room, except me was in the Coast Guard. Two women and three men. Again profiling. These women were lovely, feminine and I am sure knew 20 ways to kill someone. They were dressed to the nines, yet they had that military bearing. I love military weddings, because I love our military.

Then I checked my phone messages before I headed home. My SIL asked me to call. It turns out my Papa Jack ( Mother's husband of 47 years who is just a little older than I am ) fell on the ice Monday. (Unless you live in a cave, you have heard how terrible the ice storm in Kentucky was. And it is still snowing. ) He shattered his wrist and will have surgery on Thursday afternoon. He has other health issues going on this week also.

I am just a little upset and uptight. I do love my Papa. And I am concerned with how upset Mother is. So I am asking all for prayers and good thoughts for Papa Jack on Thursday and the upcoming weeks during the healing process.

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