Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I NEED TO VENT/Marty is a saint

When I blog I try to write interesting things, funny things that happen, good food stories, and to share things on the net for you to check out. Not today. I am venting big time.

Today I am ticked, mad, and I hate computers! My laptop has been really slow. So last week, the wonderful Marty spent 2 hours on the phone with Dell and they decided I need more memory. He did this without being asked. A great gift. The memory came yesterday, he installed it, and it was fast, fast, fast.

This morning the computer would not come on. We punched hell out of the little button, no lights, not a flicker, nothing. So I said I will call Dell and deal with it. But first I'll get dressed. (stalling, not wanting the pain of on hold, disconnections, and non English speaking tech support). When I came out of the shower I heard the speaker phone playing on hold music and selling Dell stuff. Saint Marty had called them for me. I did my hair and make up, dressed and he was still on hold. I thought he might pass me the phone, but he didn't. He hung in there through one hang up, and a second call and got things done. Unfortunately my computer has to go to the Dell hospital, again. So I could be sharing a computer with Saint Marty for at least a week.

Now Marty is a loving kind man. But sharing a laptop is going to be ugly. He works out of our home using the computer constantly, and if not working he is surfing the net. I may be venting in a couple of days about no computer time for me.

Oh he is running errands, so I have his laptop for a couple of hours. I will have to make a huge honey do list for him to get him out of the house.

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