Sunday, November 22, 2009


This is why our marriage has lasted 42 and counting years. I hate, hate to go to the grocery. Marty seems to really enjoy it. Doesn't that work out well?

Today we sat down and planned Thanksgiving dinner. We pulled out recipes and checked to see if we had all ingredients. And we made our list.

Marty was going to pick up the glass he made yesterday. He said he would hit the grocery on the way home, unless I wanted to go. Hell no I didn't want to go. He shopped, I napped. Seems like a perfect Sunday afternoon.

And why did I need a nap you ask? The last couple of nights I have had very little sleep and ended up spending the night in the recliner. Someone takes ALL the cover and my pillows, sleeps in 3/4 of the bed, and pushes me out of bed. I am just a little tired and cranky. Grocery shopping is a nice I am sorry.

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