Tuesday, November 24, 2009


And you wonder, how do you do 1/4 wedding? Was there a runner, did someone say I don't? I do a lot of 1/4 I just haven't called them that before. This is when I go out for the couple and then I start asking questions, is this your name, do you have rings, is everyone here? And for an answer I get a stare. They need an interpreter. No one really speaks English. The clerk should figure that out and not give the couple to me. Oh well.

There were more weddings than we have been doing lately. The first one was just beautiful. Everyone was in traditional Indian dress, including the groom. He had on a light red tunic, matching slacks with sandals. The bride hands were hennaed, her sari was red with heavy gold threads running through it. She even had part of the sari pulled up over her hair. And of course a zillion dollars worth of gold and diamond bracelets. This was a love match and not thank goodness an arranged wedding.

One weird one as always. This was a couple in their late 30s, (so not a forced teenage wedding). The groom is in a tux, she has on a lovely white dress with a black tulle underskirt. Lots of family. We get in the room and I am getting bad vibes. Great coolness between the couple. And then she vanished from the room. I asked where she was, and they said she left something in the car. She was gone 10 minutes. I was ticked because I had others to marry and also worried she wasn't coming back. They did marry, but no eye contact, little touching. Cold.

The others were fun, all were dressed up in suits and lovely dresses. One bride had a rich brown dress with material that looked like flower petals all over it. Just lovely. One couple was in their early 60's and so so in love. He had on a good looking suit and she had on a creamy pant outfit. She glowed with happiness and even though she was the oldest bride, she was by far the most beautiful.

But the best one made me tear up. Lovely couple, she in a gorgeous white taffeta dress and a bouquet, he was in a silk suit and a boutonniere. They had their own vows. He had written a beautiful poem telling her that she is his light. She lights his way through the tough times. Her vows were funny and sweet. She promised to handle changing her oil, she would drink beer with him when his team lost, and she would serve beer to him and his friends when the team won. And then she told sweet nothings to him.

It was a fun day. Five of the weddings came after 3:00, so it felt more rushed than it was. Wednesday we are expecting a crowd. The county is closed for Thanksgiving and on Friday. We shall see.

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