Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Tonight Marty and I had dinner with our Wine & Dine group from our church, First Christian Church, Concord. Yes, we are a fun church. This group has met once a month for over 20 years.

Tonight one of the men passed around a card he got from Time Magazine. It informed him he had overpaid his renewal subscription by $o.o1. He has the choice of extending his subscription for one week or they will send him a check to cover the overpaid amount. We figure just sending the card cost the company $20.00, postage, time and trouble.

Now the extra week of the magazine is worth way more than the check. BUT we all decided he should ask for the check for $o.o1 and frame it with the card.

Aren't huge corporations just ridiculous? How do they make a profit?

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