Saturday, November 7, 2009


We have had guests off and on this month. And I have cooked most of the time. I have made some really great meals, pretty to look at, and very tasty. I keep forgetting to take pictures. Tonight Marty cooked, I did clean up, and I finally remembered to take the pictures. I did make a tossed salad. Marty made a risotto with wild mushroom, asparagus tips, and large shrimp wrapped in prosciutto. He also made flan for dessert. Some of the pictures are out of sequence. Sorry about that. I am too tired tonight to delete and then upload again.
Marty checking if the risotto is ready.
The flam cooling on a rack.
Marty working away. I was having a little wine and watching Graham Norton (it was on Tivo)

Big pot contains chicken broth, little pot contains chicken broth and liquor from hydrating the wild mushrooms, weird looking pot has the risotto rice with my really cool stir chef (This runs on batteries and stirs the contents of the pot. If food needs stirring for 30 to 45 minutes it is a life saver, at least an arm saver.).

Finished product. I know this should be the last picture. I blew it.

Plating the risotto and the shrimp.

Shrimp fresh from the grill.

We had a lovely evening tonight. Good food, really good wine, and good company. Tomorrow it will either be leftovers or chili mac.

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