Thursday, November 19, 2009

". . . not that the rest of your life isn't fascinating. . ."

The above title is a quote from a friend's email. She sometimes sends me reminders when she feels I neglect the weddings. Do you think as I do that perhaps Miss Noemi is just a little sarcastic? That's OK, I love sarcasm. So for Noemi:

Wednesday's Weddings
I performed 5 weddings yesterday. Not a whole bunch, but enough so I didn't have a boring afternoon. One wedding the couple had her 5 year old daughter and his father with them. They used a cell phone for pictures. Well, the man tried to take pictures. He was having trouble. It wouldn't take, he took too long and the screen went dark, etc. The daughter stuck her hand out and gave him a look of just give it to me, I know how to do it. So he did. And she did.
The next wedding the couple had no witness and the clerk asked me if the bride's son could be the witness. I asked how old he was, 7 in second grade; and could he write his name in a little tiny place? Mom replied he could write it if he saw it. (Notice, I was asked. The clerk did not know that as long as you can sign your name, you can witness.) A second grader shouldn't need help with his name. But we went for it. During the whole wedding their new born screamed because it was feeding time. We just plowed through. As soon as the wedding was over the baby was fed. I gave the son a paper with his whole name printed out. Then the little boy signed his name. He copied it beautifully on the two documents. He was a very proud little boy.
One wedding was sorta weird, but very loving at the same time. The groom was 54, never been married, and dorky. He was a nervous wreck. The bride was very calm, a beautiful woman in her late 30's. She had never been married. They really were a love match. But the weird part, She was dressed like a 10 year old from 1955. She had on a white Chesterfield coat, a white baby doll dress with black trim at the hem, white leggings, and black Mary Jane's. Does anyone else think this was a strange look?
edit: I know there should be paragraph breaks. But blogger will not accept them today. Sorry about that.


noemi said...

Thanks, Janet A! For the record I just read occasional snatches of Janet R's mystery blog, & on Sue's I just look for Michigan mentions, but I read most of your entries, wedding or not...

Janet A said...

As you said, I have a fascinating life. :)