Monday, November 9, 2009


Ms.H asked me to come in today instead of Tuesday. She had a meeting Tuesday and a sub would be there. She didn't know the sub and felt maybe better if I wasn't there. Some subs don't do well with other adults in the room. So I worked today. I worked with them mostly one on one reading. Some are really good and some are really struggling. Several I stopped from reading, they were just too frustrated. Better to try another day.

There were only 4 weddings for me to do today. They were really spaced out. The last one kept me there 30 minutes over, but that was OK. One wedding was really sweet: groom 63 years old; bride 55 years old; he from North Carolina; she from Vietnam. They had maybe 20 people at the wedding. He was in a suit with a white rose boutonniere, she was in a lovely peach cocktail dress with a wrist corsage and bouquet of white roses. They were so serious until we started the vows and he got the giggles over her accent. She giggled and got through them. And then he cried. The man was so touched and moved. It was a beautiful thing. I noticed that she was taking his name. I said something and she asked why couldn't she have her maiden name put down as her middle name. I knew of no reason. She told me the clerk had said she couldn't. I checked with M, the marriage desk clerk. Downstairs clerk WRONG. M fixed the license and the couple thought M and I were wonderful.

One wedding was really sweet. Hispanic families, bride in jeans and groom in torn (stylishly) overalls. I asked them if anyone was going to stand up with them. They said no at the same time her dad said I am. I looked at them and they said yes that would be great. During most of the wedding Dad had his arm around his little girl, and he had tears in his eyes. As soon as the wedding was over he put on his wrap around sun glasses. I am sure that was so no one could see the tears. Very sweet.

And on a different note: parking in Oakland. We have meter maids who are like vultures. They stand by cars as the meter counts down to the red flashing expired. They ticket you while you are getting the receipt from the pay machine. But you have to give them credit, they target everyone. Today one of our Alameda County Sheriff's Deputies got a parking ticket.

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