Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wednesday I had 9 weddings. That really isn't a big rush except 7 of them showed up after 3:00. I was there until 5:00. The building closes at 4:30. Remember they have to be punched in by 4:00. When they come that late it is hard to do the weddings nicely. I just want to get them done and move to the next one. But I do try do do a good job. And I think they all feel special after the wedding.

Weddings 5 and 6 were in the Coast Guard and were friends. One of the brides was only 18 and he was 19. So young, I can only hope that it lasts.

Couple 8, the groom was from France. His parents were here from France for the wedding. The bride had a lovely taffeta dress and a bouquet of orchids, calla lilies, and fiddle head ferns. He had a boutonniere of small orchids, they looked liked tiny cateleyas. Lots of family at the wedding. One of his brothers thought our backdrop was ugly, and made some very rude disparaging remarks. My American heritage came rushing up and I carefully explained to him and everyone else: the backdrop is a very expensive piece of art duplicating the Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern from the early 1800's. Hey, it really is! Don't mess with a Mountain Woman you snippy French men.

My last wedding (couple 9) was so great. I looked at the guests/witnesses. I had just married two of them. They were wedding couple 8 and their friends. Couple 8 was about 19 years old. Wedding couple 9 was older. They were in their 50's. The bride was in long ecru lace dress. He was in a fancy shirt and dress slacks. He had his own vows to say to her. Very sweet, very personal, very touching. First he asked God to bless their union. Then he talked about her importance to him. It boiled down to she is his guardian angel. She is there when he needs her. Very sweet. After the wedding he wanted to give couple 8 and friends money for being their witnesses. They all refused the money. They said being at the wedding was too important to take money. It was a sweet moment. Young kids refusing money out of sentiment. I loved it.

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