Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Several thoughts:

Monday as I left the house I was nearly run over by a speeding car. Trust me, I had looked before turning out of my driveway, no cars in sight. Then there she was. I turned right onto the next street (speed limit 25). I have just pulled out from a stop sign and the crazy woman passed me and went speeding down the hill (through a school zone). She blew through a 4 way stop and was out of sight when I turned on the next street. I hope where ever she was going was worth the laws she was breaking.

Monday I did 5 weddings between 12:50 and 2:15. I sat a while and then did 2 more. This is as close to busy as I have been in weeks and weeks. Today, 2 weddings. Very Very slow. They did none in the morning.

Tonight we had our San Diego friends, Richard and Luis for dinner. I wish now we had taken pictures. It was a really pretty meal. We served a tossed salad that had red cabbage, radishes, carrots, and the last tomato from our garden. Oh and there was lettuce too. We had rice with chicken divan; and tomatoes stuffed with sausage, onions, mushrooms, Italian breadcrumbs and sherry. The meal also tasted wonderful. Marty and I both cooked this meal. We both worked on the chicken dish. I made suggestions for the tomatoes and he prepared it. I made the salad. And Marty did the grocery shopping. We enjoyed this meal, we love to cook together.

Our wonderful Willows Theatre will be closing its doors in Concord. The recession has won in that area. The Theater will continue at its Martinez theater. But it will not be the same caliber plays. Great sadness here.

Tuesday the children were nutso at school. Ms. H never raises her voice, never loses her cool. Tuesday she was talking in a loud voice and pretty much ready to kill them all. They wouldn't even sit still for me to read to them. The school office manager explained the craziness of the day/week. "It should never happen the same weekend: full moon, Halloween, time change". She is oh so right,

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