Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Today Marty and I worked a tour of spinal surgeon's wives at R. Strong Glass. Marty was assisting Randy and I worked in the gallery. I used Marty's camera, so do click on the pictures for details. They are way better than when I use my Palm.

Below is part of the glass gallery. We use lots of mirrors and glass shelving to show off the beauty of the glass.

When I win the lottery, this is the piece I want: The Guardian It is cast glass and took weeks to cool down. A companion piece is in the Louvre. I will never have the $1000s and $1000s needed to buy this. At least I get to work where it lives.
More gorgeous glass. The left display case has some of Marty's work. The huge piece on the right is Randy's. Click on the pix and see close up Marty's work.

See, I really was there, even if it is a mirror image. Lady in red, Susan, Randy's wife. Other mirror image is Flo, Randy's apprentice. Marty's work also shown,

Marty and Randy making a test piece. They are testing colors.

Marty is torching diachronic glass that Randy will pick up with the hot glass he is working with.

Randy at the glory hole, Marty still torching.

Randy reheating at the glory hole, Marty watching.

Marty is torching the picked up diachronic glass while Randy"paints" the vase with it.

Randy still painting and Marty torching.

Randy is using a steam stick to enlarge the vase. Marty is using a wooden paddle to prevent Randy burning his arm.

Randy is twirling the glass to stretch it. Marty has re-dipped the steam stick in water and has it ready for use.

Randy is jacking preparing to knock the piece off and place in the annealing oven.

Marty is torching the bottom of the vase after it was knocked off the pipe. This will smooth the rough parts and give it a polished look.

And that is how we spent Wednesday.

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kts said...

when i am better funded you know i am sooooo buying me some of that Marty glass :) xxkts