Friday, December 25, 2009


We have had such a lovely day. At one point we didn't think we would get our clothes on and the food on the table for our friends who were coming at 1:00. We called family, and family and friends called us. This took way more time than we remembered.

We talked to Mother and Papa Jack after opening our gifts. Then I decided to get ready early, I thought. As I was getting out of the shower Marty came in with the phone on speaker. As I dried off and put on make up we talked to Richard in San Diego. Every few minutes Marty would run outside and tend to the tri tip on the grill. Next our son, Erik, called us from Las Vegas. At that point I was drying my hair. I couldn't do that and talk, so the hair air dried. I finally was at my natural beautiful state and started putting food out.

Then my brother in Louisville and his family called and we talked to them. I looked at the clock, we could have guests in 30 minutes. Marty is still in his pajamas. I sent him to the shower, and continued slicing cheese and putting food out. The phone rings, it is Kaus in Dallas. Marty's brother and sister were having dinner with Kaus and her parents. Marty and I talked to all of them while he was shaving.

Were we ready when the first guests arrived? NO. But we were close. They are good friends and understood. We finally got everything out and could enjoy visiting with our friends. Friends came and went through the afternoon. We laughed, we talked, we had a fun afternoon.

Christmas is a wonderful holiday. It is deeply important in our religion. It is very important for family and friends to gather together, whatever their beliefs. And the gifts, really important. The value of the gift isn't important. Just unwrapping something and knowing someone put thought into a surprise for you, that is the fun.

Christmas=religion, love, friends, family, fun, a season not just a day. Keep the Christmas feeling all year.

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