Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Fridays are always hugely busy. I received word from a friend who does the weddings on Friday mornings. He always is busier than I am on Mondays and Wednesday. Yet last Friday, it was so slow he read 300 pages of his book. I figured Monday I would have nothing. So I took a book I was 3/4 through and another one to read. I read two pages and ate one cookie.

I was there a smidgen over 3 hours and I was given 11 licenses. Most of the weddings were very routine. But a few stand out. The first wedding was a young couple, early 20's. He was like someone in shock. She was beside herself with joy, happiness, excitement. She told the clerk she hadn't slept all night because she was so excited. She laughed, smiled, bubbled. He was like a deer in the headlights. And then when I pronounced them, he was thrilled, laughing, as excited as she was. Cute, cute sweet couple.

One couple was in jeans and sweatshirts. They didn't seem bothered with their looks, until the cameras came out. The groom whipped off his glasses. And the glasses were not seen again until we left the room.

This will sound racist. But I did not say it, it was said to me. I married a couple who were Asian. They had 8 to 10 guests, all Asian. I took them upstairs and led the way to the wedding room. I turned around and no one was there. They are all out in the hall taking pictures by the WEDDING ROOM sign. One of the women said to me, "We're Asian, we take pictures." We all laughed.

I had one of the 11 canceled. So very sad. I called the names, nothing. I looked around and Clerk N was waving me over. While waiting, the bride had received a phone call telling her that her mother had died. I felt so sorry for the young woman.

There were many mistakes on the licenses. One was really funny. The date of birth for the groom was 1900. The bride's was 1984. I went to the clerk and asked her if he was walking or would they roll him in. Turns out he was born in 1982. If the couple do not put the birthday date in, the computer's default is 1900.

One couple wins the fashion award. The bride carried deep red roses. She wore a chocolate chiffon strapless dress. It had an empire waist, and fell loosely from there. The bottom of the bodice had brilliants across it, and she wore a matching headband. The dress was unusual at the hemline. The back was to the floor and as it went to the front it became shorter, just below the knees. And then there was the groom. He was huge. He was wide and tall. He was overweight but he wasn't fluffy, he looked solid as a rock. And he looked so handsome. He had on a silk suit that was a rich grey, that probably cost a fortune. A very good looking couple. And the wedding, goose bumps. The eyes, OMW! When they looked at each other, the love, the caring, it was a beautiful thing.

It was a lovely day. All of the weddings were fun and all the couples were in love. Can't wait to go back tomorrow.

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