Friday, December 4, 2009


I had high expectations for today. I had errands to run, Christmas shopping to do, and tonight dinner and a play.

Well, my car was keyed. I think it happened Wednesday in the parking garage. It was the front fender, driver's side. I didn't drive Thursday. When I approached the car from the front this afternoon I could see it, swirls and up and down strokes. Yes, I am mad. I baby my car. It is just shy of a year old, there was not a mark on it. Let me put the first scratch on it.

Nothing looked good to me while I was shopping. So still looking.

And then to dinner and the play. Food was good, but the play. So very bad. Hats the Musical. It is a tribute to the Red Hat Society. Not exactly what Marty was interested in or me. The play itself is sort of lame. The women in it were just bad. I have seen better high school productions. The dancing was sad, singing was OK if they stayed in the middle range. When they went for high notes, they didn't get there. We wanted to leave after the first 10 minutes. But we stuck it out until the intermission. That is an hour of our life we will never get back. Then we went home.

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kts said...

sorry on all counts and hoping this weekend exceeds all your expectations! (in a good way0